River’s Edge is a quiet, family-friendly campground in Eastern NC, located on the Bay River between Bayboro NC and Vandemere, NC. With over 700 feet of waterfront, two fishing piers, and a boat ramp, River’s Edge Family Campground offers campers the availability to enjoy Bay River’s beauty and bounty from the shoreline or by boat, kayak, canoe or whatever water toy you choose. At River’s Edge, we are truly a family campground: You may come as a stranger, but you will leave as family!

Prepare for Winter Storage

Some people put their RV’s away in storage over the winter, and if that’s the case for you, there are a few steps you should take to prepare your RV for winter storage. 

  • The most important thing that you should do to winterize your RV is to drain the water system; this is something you can do yourself if you’re familiar with the steps, or it might be something that you want to have a professional do for you. 
  • You should also disconnect and remove your RV’s batteries. 
  • Don’t forget to remove all food from your RV before you store it to prevent unwanted visitors.
  • Store your RV in a covered, shaded area to protect it from sun damage and damage from the elements. 

RV Winter Travel Tips

If you don’t plan on storing your RV this winter and want to use it for adventures instead, there are still some precautions you should keep in mind when traveling via RV during the winter. 

  • If there is winter weather such as snow and ice, it’s highly inadvisable to attempt to drive your RV in this weather. It’s difficult enough to drive a normal vehicle in normal conditions, but driving an RV in winter conditions makes it that much more complicated.
  • If you’re staying in your RV while it’s cold outside, you can use a portable heater to keep your RV warm. Just make sure that you place it away from walls, furniture, and other objects, and never leave it unattended.
  • You can use an RV skirt, which wraps around the bottom of your RV, for extra insulation to help you stay warm during the winter months.
  • Monitor your RV’s pipes so that they don’t freeze. You can purchase heat tape to wrap around your RV’s water hose to help prevent this from happening.
  • Have your RV inspected, especially your tires, before heading out on a trip during the winter.

Come to Our Campground

If you plan on making some RV trips this winter, we’d love to have you here at River’s Edge Family Campground in Eastern NC. Our winters here tend to be milder, so if you’re looking to escape the harsh winter weather elsewhere, this could be the perfect getaway for you!