Park Rules

Rivers Edge Family Campground Rules — Check-In 1:00 pm – Checkout –12:00 Noon

1. Our quiet hours are 10:00 pm to 7:00 am throughout the campground and in your RV as well as. Loud music within the campground is prohibited.
2. Speed limit is 5 mhp–NO EXCEPTIONS. Be sure to look out for kids because they are surely not looking out for you.
3. Campers are responsible for the safety and actions of their children and/or guests. Children under age 9 must be with an adult at all times. Children should not be allowed to cross other campsites or play behind campers due to danger from electrical systems and utilities. Make sure your children play in the playground or common areas.
4. Please keep your campsite clean. Place your garbage in our dumpsters located near the exit road. Household trash only. Do not dispose of old grills, chairs, umbrellas, tents, etc. in or near the dumpsters.
5. Only boats owned by registered campers are allowed to launch at the boat ramp. No guest boats are allowed to launch without permission. NOTE: The boat ramp and all piers may be slippery.
6. PET POLICY: We do not allow any large, aggressive breeds or nuisance dogs. No pet can be a nuisance to any of our guests at any time. For example, excessive barking (even by a small dog) is a problem for other folks camping near you. Pets must be on a leash with an adult when outside and cannot be left unattended on any type of tie-out device, dog crate, or portable fencing. Dogs should not be left unattended in campers. Rain or shine–always be sure to scoop the poop! Our dog park is located near the trash dumpsters.
7. Our pet policy is in place in order to provide a peaceful, quiet, and safe environment for all our guests. For safety reasons, when walking your dog, please avoid direct contact with any other dog owners or their pets. Do not walk your dog on the piers as it presents a trip hazard and the possibility of any number of other issues.
8. We reserve the right to ask any guest to leave based on the behavior of their pet.
9. No bicycle riding after dusk. No riding over the bridge or on the pier. Children under age 13 not permitted on the pier without an adult.
10. Campfires are allowed in covered fire pits only and may not be left unattended. No ground campfires.
11. As a family, friendly campground, Rivers Edge is committed to providing a wholesome atmosphere for children and adults alike. Alcoholic beverages are allowed to be consumed discreetly at your campsite and must not be in open display.
12. No obnoxious or offensive activity shall be allowed in any area of the campground,
13. Fireworks and firearms are prohibited.
14. PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE BOAT RAMP. The boat ramp and fish cleaning station water supply comes from Pamlico Water Department. Please clean your fish and boat as quickly as possible.
15. This agreement shall be considered as a Temporary Vacation Rental, and as such shall be governed by the N.C. General Statutes that apply to such temporary vacation site agreements—i.e., the campground owners, staff, or managers may instruct any camper, their guests, or camper or RV owner to remove themselves and/or their property from the campground for any reason whatsoever. Once the request is made by the owners, staff, or management, the Sheriff may be contacted to ensure compliance with the request.
16. We reserve the right to discharge any campers and/or guests not abiding by park rules.
17. Water level at the pier is only 2-3 feet at all times. No diving or jumping from bulkhead or pier due to rip/rap stone and shallow water all the way from bulkhead to the end of pier. NO LIFE GUARD—SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Shoes should be worn on pier, bathhouse, and porch.
18. Rivers Edge is not liable for theft, vandalism, injuries, or acts of God occurring during your stay. We urge extreme caution especially around piers, bulkheads, and boat ramp.