River’s Edge is a quiet, family-friendly campground in Eastern NC, located on the Bay River between Bayboro NC and Vandemere, NC. With over 700 feet of waterfront, two fishing piers, and a boat ramp, Rivers Edge Family Campground offers campers the availability to enjoy Bay River’s beauty and bounty from the shoreline or by boat, kayak, canoe or whatever water toy you choose. At River’s Edge, we are truly a family campground: You may come as a stranger, but you will leave as family!

Recreational vehicles are a great way to explore the country with comfort and style. However, as fun as they can be, you should always practice caution when operating an RV. So, here are some RV safety tips to help you out:

  • Keep in mind that your RV will take longer to accelerate and longer to brake than a regular car. So, you should allow yourself extra distance between cars when driving a RV.
  • Be sure to have your RV inspected regularly by a mechanic. You don’t want to hit the road with bad tires or brakes.
  • Keep in mind the size of your RV. Oftentimes when people get into the groove of driving their RV, they forget that they’re not driving their regular car. Always pay attention to height clearances and remember that your RV is almost as wide as a typical lane in the road, leaving you very little extra space.
  • If you have to back up or move around in a tight space, have someone get out of the RV and help to direct you.
  • When you plan to spend the night in your RV, always check the forecast to make sure there’s not any severe weather ahead.
  • When you park your RV to stay somewhere, be sure that you have cell service, or some other way to call for help in the case of any emergency.

Travelling in your RV can offer you memories that last a lifetime. So, we hope that you have fun and that you stay safe! Be sure to stop by and see at River’s Edge in Eastern NC on your travels.